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PRECISION Driving School Instructors


Mark & Leisha Eaton (Owners)

Mark & Leisha, co-owners of Precision Driving School since its opening on April 28, 1997. Both have been very active in the instruction of the more than 10,000 students that have attended the school.  They both take great pride in Precision and the knowledgable staff they have working with them. Their staff is what makes Precision; 

        "Franklin Countys Leader in Driver Education."


Bob joined the staff at Precision in 2000. Bob can be found in the car with students providing them with the hands on experience needed to be a safe and successful driver. 


Julie joined the staff at Precision in 2012. Her expertise of the road is put to good use with students during the on-the-road portion of Driver's Education. Julie is also employed by the Pioneer Valley Regional School district as a paraprofessional.


Alex has been at Precision since 2010. She can be found on the road with students preparing them to be successful on their road test. Alex is also along with her husband, owner of Martin's Farm Compost & Mulch.



Rick joined the Precision team in early 2023. Rick will be in the car teaching practical skills related to all aspects of driving and helping students to develop confidence in their driving skills. Rick also works in the academic side of higher education and has extensive experience in business operations and finance.


Charles has been working diligently with students to prepare them for a lifetime of safe driving since 2010 in both the car as well as in the classroom. Charles also teaches the "Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course" at Precision.


Rhonda joined Precision in 2016. The majority of Rhonda's instruction will be with students behind the wheel training. Rhonda has been working with students for the past 20 years proctoring college entrance exams, as well as working in the accounting office at NMH



Sarah joined the Precision team in 2021. Her extensive experience as a Professional Counselor is a great asset to her teaching ability. Sarah will be seen both in the classroom and in the car training our students. Sarah will also teach the "Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course".



Tom joined our staff at Precision in 2021. He brings a great deal of personal experience with him from his work in the public as a teacher and personal care assistant. Tom will be seen mostly in the car assisting our students in their behind-the-wheel learning.



Sharon worked at Precision from 2009-21. She played a huge role in the success of our school for the 12 years that she worked for us. Her love of the students showed not only in the driving skills that she taught, but also in her love of cooking & gardening, which she also shared with the students.  

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