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Licenses to Date:



Recently Licensed Students


 January, February & March

Madalyn Lilly, Aiden Bickford, Prassana Subramananyam, Rachel Aziza

Maddax Wegiel, Lakeesha Allen, Adeline Riley, Deven Dubie, Hayden Woods

Madeline Cosentino, Alyssa Williams, Eben Brown, Daniel Cortis

Talia Sadiq, Max Rajballie, Camilla O'Shea, Tracie Andrews, Adriel Berrios

Siomara Graza, Meloney O'Connor, Viriyeak Prak, Stephanie Pellerin

William Ainsworth, Dylan Camp, Zachary Gray, Samuel Whitney

Brayden Arsenault, Simon Calkins, Kaia Livingstone, Corin Wisnewski

Ethan Poirier, Galen Sanislo, Aiden Weis, Jaydon Grazick, Sage Rudder

Rory Hudson-Rockwell, Sofie Theil, Wendelin Lutz, Patrick Huppe

Margaret Melnik, Theo Balkema, Leah Brown, Vlad Iakimov, Durgin Shields

Riley Giard, Teaghan James, David Zolloca, Matthew Chmyzinski, Kyle Cortis

Kaylynn Cortis, Jose Martinez, Megan Parse, Gunnar Moore, Zoe Ballou

Joshua Kipp, Connor Mchaffie, Ayleen Ovalle-Perez, Bradley Fenimore

Petru Cojocaru, Mireb Gheorghita, Sidney Sookey, Alex Draxler

Brady Beckwith, Kayla Gauthier, Alyssa Canon, Emily Canon, Li Chen

Penelope McDonald-O'Neil, Isaiah Goleman, Aleksandr Naryzhnyy

Makayla Valente, Wyatt Finch, Kateri LaFlamme, Gus Grinley, Emily Crafts

Jordi Hernandez, Jennifer Smith, Lucas Smith, Aidan Heffernan

Mariah Hasan, Avery Olson, Christopher Royter, Alma Gorman, Nico Fasulo

Thaddeus Lucentini, Summer Raimondo, Amory Maxey, Veronica Partex

Wyatt Edes



Hi Mark,

     I wanted to thank you and the staff at PRECISION for all you did to help Rowan get his license. We were really happy with every part of our experience from start to finish. Very appreciative!!!

                                          Kate van Keuren

                                    (mother of Rowan Blair)

Hey Mark,

                  I wanted to let you know how incredible of an experience working with your organization has been. You are all on top of your game and have made what I would expect to be a stressful experience, very relaxed.

                                             Ashlie Machon

                                          (mother of Ethan)




Class Schedule 2023


Space still available in ALL classes unless noted

Reminder: You must be 15 years 9 months

to begin the classroom portion of the course


Next Class

April 17th - 21st


9:00am - 3:30pm


You must be 16 by July 17th

to be eligible for this class

The RMV announced that Driving Schools may continue with OnLine classes through 5/4/2023. In consideration of students busy schedules with school, sports, and other commitments, for your convenience, we will continue offering OnLine classes 

Spring Schedule

On-Line or In Person


May: 15th - 26th: 5:00-8:15pm

Summer Schedule


OnLine or In Person


June: 26th - 30th: 9:00am-3:30pm

JUly: 17th - 21st: 9:00am-3:30pm

August: 14th - 18th: 9:00am-3:30pm

Fall Schedule

Sept: 25th - Oct 6th: 5:00-8:15pm

November: 6th - 17th: 5:00-8:15pm

December: 26th - 30th: 9:00am-3:30pm



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