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Licenses to Date:



Recently Licensed Students


 January, February & March

Camryn Rogowski, Brendan Butz, Mila Fougerolles. Perpetua Villafana

Tavo Vincent-Warner, Ken Gullotti. Samuel Darii, Jacob Calhoun

Jacob Reich, Hannah Davis, Tegan Dexter, Fenton Cooper-Roberts

Maeve Johnson, Gabe Alexander, Christine Mutoni, Olena Derevenchuk

Rosina Coldwell, Katharine Tully, Elizabeth Hardy, Chineye Odenigbo

Avery Johnston, William Reading, Jamie Anadon, Jerad Goulston

Rosa Stegeman, Claire Kirkendall, Thomas Unkles, Aishwarya Wagdarkar

Joseph Arshefsky, Ava Notaromalo, Brielle Farrington, Brandon Rush

William Glazier, Mozz Kanzler, Scott Blevins, Laura Stebbins, Matt Martin

Holden Garofalo, Arianna McGivney, Eric Mazampika, Breanna Burney

Caitlyn Davenport, Graham Sharpe, Yelismar Rodriguez,  Pamela Gomez

Briceidy Ovalle perez, Darren Brown, Sean Babineau, Lydia Krentzman

Hi Mark,

     I wanted to thank you and the staff at PRECISION for all you did to help Rowan get his license. We were really happy with every part of our experience from start to finish. Very appreciative!!!

                                          Kate van Keuren

                                    (mother of Rowan Blair)

Hey Mark,

                  I wanted to let you know how incredible of an experience working with your organization has been. You are all on top of your game and have made what I would expect to be a stressful experience, very relaxed.

                                             Ashlie Machon

                                          (mother of Ethan)




Class Schedule 2024


Space still available in ALL classes unless noted

Reminder: You must be 15 years 9 months

to begin the classroom portion of the course


Next Class


March 11th - 22nd


5:00 - 8:15 pm


You must be 16 by June 11th

to be eligible for this class

The RMV announced that Driving Schools may continue with OnLine classes through June 30, 2024. In consideration of students busy schedules with school, sports, and other commitments, for your convenience, we will continue offering OnLine classes 

Winter/Spring Schedule

March: 11th - 22nd: 5:00-8:15pm

April: 15th - 19th: 9:00am-3:30pm

May: 13th - 24th: 5:00-8:15pm

Summer Schedule

June: 24th-28th: 9:00am-3:30pm

OnLine or In Person (TBD by RMV)

July: 15th-19th: 9:00am-3:30pm

August: 12th-16th: 9:00am-3:30pm

Fall Schedule

September/October: Sept 23rd-Oct 4th: 5:00-8:15pm

November: 11th-22nd: 5:00-8:15pm

December: 26th-30th: 9:00am-3:30pm

We just wanted to say Thank You for another great experience. Your school is well run and has some great people. All 3 boys were well prepared for their driving tests and felt very confident. Best of luck in the future.

Rick & Billie Gammell

Mark!!! Mark!!! Thank you so much! Caitlyn had the best experience considering where  she started (absolutely scared to death)! We appreciate everything and especially Julie’s guidance. Thank you so much! Everything was also very seamless from the parental standpoint. Have a great weekend and thanks again!

(mother of Caitlyn)

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