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October, November & December

Natalie Miscavage, Gabrielle Adams, Thelonius Sargent, Djibril Diaw

Aiden Dredge, Emy-Elis Iavorschi, Bryce Avery, Jolie Giordano, CarlosRivera

Yasmine Alvarado-Moreno, Gabrielle Contreras, Adnan Shaik, Juan Hiraldo

Andrea Corliss, Alex Schreiber, Josh LeBeau, Sarah Donovan, Kyle Begos

Alysha Aubrey, Kaisic Yath, Jillian Houle, Viktor Tishchenko, Leo Gogibu 

Ian Burt, Dhar Newshore, Jacob Cocking, Nadia Cunningham, Ian Paulin

Krista Uzdivinis, Nicole Plasse, Haley Sheriden, Rivka Resnik, Migdalia Ayala

Aiden Valderamma, Isaak Baranoski, Rahul Avadhanza, Alina Okulovska

Logan Seaman, Jaxon Kotright-Clark, Weston DenOuden, Jose Bosak

Emma Graveline, Taylor Gilstrap, Danielle Stephens, Colleen Miller

Gabrielle Ryder, Porter Savage, Jeremiah Sheperd, Bingnam Wang

Kyleigh Dobosz, Kelsey Boutwell, Moyo Patterson-Crawford, Tim Avery

Seraphina Gibson, Mikaylah Fuentes, Aliana Pierce, Reese Danek

Daniel Pena-Chadee, Nehal Linganur, David Mazur, Muhammad Abu Zar

Jacob Blanchard, Nevaeh Sikoski, Jampa Dhundup, Ruby Lowery

Jacob Martin, Zuo Zuo, Jeff Broscoe, Roland Clack, Daniel Avissato

Omar Crawford, Gage Patenaude, Ingrid Ellingboe, Jordan Buckley-Connelley

Meng Meng, Jennifer Yeglinski, Quan Zhang, Alex McClelland, Ankit Mishra

Kaitlyn Collins, Ashley O' Sullivan, Adina Voosenco, Dayana Martinez-Molina

Eli Guerin, Sadie Rowan, Logan Cherewatti, Kaurong Dong, Gabe Tomasi

Richard Cohen, David Moody



Hi Mark,

     I wanted to thank you and the staff at PRECISION for all you did to help Rowan get his license. We were really happy with every part of our experience from start to finish. Very appreciative!!!

                                          Kate van Keuren

                                    (mother of Rowan Blair)

Hey Mark,

                  I wanted to let you know how incredible of an experience working with your organization has been. You are all on top of your game and have made what I would expect to be a stressful experience, very relaxed.

                                             Ashlie Machon

                                          (mother of Ethan)




Class Schedule 2022


Space still available in ALL classes unless noted

Reminder: You must be 15 years 9 months

to begin the classroom portion of the course


Next Class

December 26th - 30th


9:00am - 3:30pm


You must be 16 by March 26th

to be eligible for this class

The RMV announced that Driving Schools may continue with OnLine classes through 2/28/2023. In consideration of students busy schedules with school, sports, and other commitments, for your convenience, we will continue offering OnLine classes 

Winter/Spring Schedule

2023 Schedule

January: 16th - 27th: 5:00-8:15pm


February: 20th - 24th: 9:00am-3:30pm


(OnLine or In Person TBD)


March: 13th - 24th: 5:00-8:15pm

April: 17th - 21st: 9:00am-3:30pm

May: 15th - 26th: 5:00-8:15pm

Summer Schedule

June: 26th - 30th: 9:00am-3:30pm

JUly: 17th - 21st: 9:00am-3:30pm

August: 14th - 18th: 9:00am-3:30pm

Fall Schedule

Sept: 25th - Oct 6th: 5:00-8:15pm

November: 6th - 17th: 5:00-8:15pm

December: 26th - 30th: 9:00am-3:30pm