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  April, May & June

Cody Ryder, Mohamed Hussein, Hailey Jobst, Robert Kenyon, Josh Lavigne

Julie Littlejohn, Julietta Romero, James Millar, Esteban Abarua, Lauren Ross

Jayden Ritchie, Anibal Rodriguez, Madison Schempp, James Staelens

Cristar Calderon, Lynette LaPaix, Maverick Ward, Sean O' Dea, Eric Duong

Altagracia Villafana, Angela Aliberti, Brendaliz Arroyo, Porter Carr, Brett Simon

Kyliah Christian, Jason Clemons, Vasile Cotet, Leora Fisher, Cailtlin Hale

Madison Jackson, Samuel Knight, Anna Leonard, Kami Meier, Patrick Russell

Catherine Pizarro, Elizabeth Sanchez de Antonio, Melissa Santos

David Trudeau, Elizabeth Trudeau, Kelly Trudeau, Novelyn Washington

Victoria Weagle, Ryan Wyngowski, Sienna Boyle, Dylan Brooks, Scott Smith

Caleb Duncan, Ethan Hatch, Zenani Himlin-Mayekiso, Ostin Kelley

Alena Maes-Polan, Thomas Pekarski, Hannah Plesnar, Matthew Provencal

Patrick Rooney, Kailyn Santiago, Nereyda Santiago, Abigail Shaw, Layla Hay

Matthew Sicard, Harriet Smith, Khrystal Smith, Destiny Sousa, Carl Warchol

Benjamin Taylor, Elizabeth Whitney, Isamar Abarua, Madhav Ambadi

Genisis Boule Ivanowski, Aydyn Clayton, Ethyn Clayton, Michela Cocco

Mya Cooke, Ethan Donovan, Dylan Fisher, Zoie Gilbert, Gabriella Larned

Margaret Lawall, Elia Maysonet, Aileen Moffatt, Ethan Pike, Curtis Plauskey

Vivienne Potee, Sabrina Raymond, Kelsey Richardson, Shaylyn Rivard

Wilfred Rivera Rios, Ana Rodriguez, Luke Sclater-Booth, Hunter St Hilaire

Liam Skribiski-Banack, Madison Tirrell, Aiden West


Hi Mark,

     I wanted to thank you and the staff at PRECISION for all you did to help Rowan get his license. We were really happy with every part of our experience from start to finish. Very appreciative!!!

                                          Kate van Keuren

                                    (mother of Rowan Blair)

Hey Mark,

                  I wanted to let you know how incredible of an experience working with your organization has been. You are all on top of your game and have made what I would xpect to be a stressful experience, very relaxed.

                                             Ashlie Machon

                                          (mother of Ethan)




Class Schedule 2021


Space still available in ALL classes unless noted

Reminder: You must be 15 years 9 months

to begin the classroom portion of the course


During the Covid-19 per the RMV, we will be offering online classes only. Schedule of classes is listed below.

Next Class

July 12th - 23rd


9:00am - 12:15pm

You must be 16 by October 12th

to be eligible for this class

For details on our RMV approved online classes, either call us at the school, (413)773-8600, or go through the contact page here on our website

RMV has determined that OnLine Classes

will continue at least until September 1st

Summer 2021

Summer class schedule is based on that we will

still be OnLine. If the RMV deems that we start 

having class at our location, we will go back to

1 week classes


July: 12th - 23rd: 9:00am-12:15pm


August: 9th - 20th: 9:00am-12:15pm


Fall Schedule


Sept: 27th - Oct: 8th: 5:15-8:30pm

(Online or In Person TBD)

November: 8th - 19th: 5:15-8:30pm

December: 27th - 31st: 8:00am-2:30pm

(1 week)

Class Schedule 2022