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  John Mackenzie, guest speaker with students

"Thank you for your fantastic customer service and following up with Ryan's driving time appointments throughout this year. Hockey stretched out his timeline a little bit and we really appreciate your patience in working with us. Your school has this process streamlined to a "T" which turns a very stressful milestone for a parent/child into a great client experience. You guys are the best, and I will highly recommend your school to anyone! Thanks again."          - Melanie Waldron

"I can't express how grateful I am for what you've done for Zoey. She has ben through a tough year and didn't believe in herself anymore. You took her from day one and brought out a light in her that I haven't seen in awhile. You have a gift, Julie. She believed in herself going into the test today because of you. Thanks again to both of you. This is huge!!" 

                             Karla Herzig Doherty(parent of Zoey)


 I liked how the classes were taught. Every day was different, as we either watched videos, had discussions or had interactive activities. I would definitely recommend PRECISION 

                                                         Sofia Sherman   Stoneleigh Burnham School

 I really enjoyed the class discussions and the trivia because it made the class fun.

                                                                   Lucy Postera    Greenfield H.S.


I enjoyed the short quizzes because it helped me understand the curriculum better, and the random bonus questions made it fun & challenging.

                                                              Madi Sulda   Pioneer Valley Reg HS


"What a wonderful experience with a new driver as of today. Mark was 100% supportive through every step and answered every question we possibly had. I am confident she learned the skills needed to be a safe driver at PRECISION! Thank you to Mark and the entire staff. You are all truly wonderful!"

                                     Kara Younger (parent of Hailey) 


I would recommend PRECISION to others as it had a straight forward curriculum, with a very comfortable environment and pleasant staff.

                                                             Summer Sookey   Mohawk Trail Reg HS






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